Hey I'm the Carry On Guy... don't worry that's not how I introduce myself at parties it's just how I roll here on the internet.

This here is my blog on the art of travelling and packing light.

There is nothing more frustrating than packing all your travel items into a small travel bag and then getting to the airport and finding out that your idea of carry on luggage is different to your airlines idea of carry on luggage.

As a regular flier that happened to me a few times, and I saw it happen many times to other unsuspecting travelers in airports around the world.

So I decided to setup CarryOnGuy.com as a place where I would store information about what different airlines around the world deem to be carry on luggage.

There are over 5000 airlines in the world soobviously we don't cover all of them but I did my best to find information for the most popular airlines around the world.

I hope you find this website to be a useful resource if you do please tweet about us or like us on Facebook.

Thanks for dropping by if you have any questions you can contact me here.

James Eagleman

a.k.a. The Carry On Guy​