Can You Bring A Hair Dryer On A Plane?

Hair dryers are not only useful for getting hair dry… They’re also very handy for shaping your hair into an attractive style. And it’s when we are traveling that we often want to look our best. This post will help you decide whether to take your hair dryer with you when you next go to the airport. […]

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First Time Flying Alone

First Time Flying Alone? Our Step-By-Step Guide For First Time Fliers

Airports and planes can be intimidating places. Especially when it is your first time flying. There are all the rules and regulations and the mean-looking security agents. There’s the fear of getting lost in the airport and missing your flight. There’s plenty to get you feeling a bit nervous and apprehensive. And there’s the fact […]

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What Luggage Do Pilots And Flight Attendants Use?

Pilots and flight attendants fly more often than any other group of people. Even frequent business fliers don’t usually travel anywhere near as much as pilots do! So it makes sense that if you want to know what the most durable luggage is… Ask a flight attendant or a pilot! We did exactly that and […]

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Can You Bring A Knife On A Plane Banner

Can You Bring A Knife In Checked Luggage Or Carry On?

So you are packing for your upcoming flight and you are wondering.. how can you bring a knife on a plane safely and legally? This post will explain all the TSA knives rules and everything else you need to think about. In The US You Can Only Take A Knife On A Plane In Checked […]

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Can You Take an Umbrella On a Plane: Carry On Baggage Rules & Regulations

The TSA permits umbrellas in both checked baggage and carry on baggage. You should have no problems getting through airport security with an umbrella. But whether or not you can take your umbrella on the plane depends on which airline you are traveling with. If you use a folding umbrella and pack it inside your […]

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