The Best Compression Packing Cubes

The Best Compression Packing Cubes For Travel 2019

In Summary: I looked at 14 different brands and choose these Gonex cubes as my pick for the best compression packing cube set. They were my favorite because: The lightweight material doesn’t add unnecessary weight The high quality zips and seams should prevent ripping and zip snagging They squashed my clothes down a reasonable amount […]

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Cell Phone Chargers In Hand Luggage

Are Mobile Cell Phone Chargers Allowed In Hand Luggage?

You’re packing for the flight and suddenly you think… Can I take my phone charger in my carry on? Google help! The short answer is yes. Chargers are allowed in hand carry luggage. Panic over get back to packing your stuff! You can also put phone chargers in checked hold luggage too. There are no […]

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Can I Use Space Saver Compression Travel Bags In Carry On Luggage?

Everyone’s been there. Your have a teeny weeny small suitcase and you have a gigantic pile of clothes that you want to pack inside it. Hmmm… what can you do? I know I will squeeze it all in by force, then quickly shut the lid and pray that the zippers are going to close! What […]

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Do Compression Packing Cubes Wrinkle Clothes

Do Compression Packing Cubes Wrinkle Clothes?

The idea of compression packing cubes or space saver bags is great. We all want more room in our luggage. But if all that squashing leads to wrinkled clothes then what’s the point! Unfortunately there is no simple answer to the question. It depends what you are packing and how you pack it. Compression packing […]

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Packing Cubes vs Compression Bags

It never ceases to amaze me how complex a simple subject like packing a suitcase can become. First you have the endless debates about what to pack and how to plan a packing list. Then you have the tricky question of how to find the perfect travel suitcase.And the intricacy don’t stop there… Today’s topic […]

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