How Overnight Bags Can Be More Stylish Carry On Luggage

In the old days carry on bags were just that, bags that you carried onto the airplane, bus or train, you held onto a handle and you maybe swung it over your shoulder to take some of the weight off.

Then someone had the bright idea of putting wheels and a telescopic handle onto travel luggage and modern carry on luggage was invented and it was great we could a wheel our bags around and be happy that we didn’t need to carry them anymore.

Wait a second… so we all just have the same old boring bags now, black rectangles with wheels.

Yes it’s true. Modern carry on bags are a bit boring and lack style. Anyway if you are only going away for a short time maybe you don’t need such a big back for your trip.

That’s what inspired me to write this article about the best overnight bags for air travel. Sometimes all you need is an overnight bag and if that’s he case you have a lot more options to choose from and there are some really good looking bags.


1)Belvah Large Quilted Damask Print 21″ Duffle Bag – Choice of Colors

Belvah Duffle Bag comes in either black and white or brown and pink so you have a couple of options for color coordination. There are zippered pockets inside so you have somewhere safe to keep your valuables. It’s quite a big bag and you could probably fit 2 or 3 days change on clothes in here if you wanted to.

It will fold down neatly for storage. The great thing about a bag like this is you can empty your clothes into your hotel wardrobe and then take it around town sightseeing with you which you would never do with a suitcase.

On top of that you’ll probably find yourself using it a lot back home too. For the price, it’s always handy to have a bag like this around there are so many uses for it.

2)  Dowco 50126-00 Iron Rider Overnight Bag (Black)


This is actually a motorcycle bag but Dowco make great gear that is really durable.

It comes with straps so you can attach it to luggage racks and stop it sliding around.

3)  Floto Luggage Venezia Duffle, Vecchio Brown, One Size

If you’re looking for style one option could be this beautiful leather overnight bag from italian maker Floto. It’s perfect for those overnight trips when style is important. There is no point in dressing to impress then ruining your look with an ugly suitcase. 

Instead carry your overnight things in this lovely Vecchio Brown, one size duffle bag. Pop a change of clothes inside and your passport in the pocket inside and you are ready to go. 

You’ll be sure to turn a few heads in the airport and it’s size makes it easy to fit in the overhead locker on the airplane.

4)  Dance Cheer Gym Pageant Travel Bag 



Who says you can’t do international air travel with your gym bag???

The best thing about the Dance Cheer Bag is the huge range of colors that they come in. It’s got zips everywhere for keeping things secure and little compartments at each end for keeping things handy.

It’s super cheap, easy to clean and will look just as funky on the streets of Paris as it will in downtown Manhattan! Why not get yourself 2 or 3!

5)  Kushies My Bag The Ultimate Daycare/Overnight Bag


This Kushies bag is cute. So what if it’s a kids bag we are all big kids inside anyway!

The best thing about it is the little storage sacks that come with it that allow you to seperate your things.


These are just a few bags from the many many bags that are available. I think sometimes when we are flying we automatically reach for the carry on suitcase when in fact if it’s a short trip we might be better off with an overnight bag/ duffle bag.

Next time you are planning your trip take a second or too to think about what bag you will want with you at your destination. Do you want something that will sit in your hotel room or do you want a bag that you can use while you are there?